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Your 12-month-to-do wedding calendar

12 months to go:

  • it’s time to have a budget conversation with your fiancé!
  • Decide on a date and time fix it with a register or church.
  • Decide on a guest number.
  • Check the venues and book it as soon as you can.

11 months to go:

  • Chose your save the date cards and send it out.
  • Book the photographer.
  • Decided on Dj or Band and book it.
  • Start choosing your wedding dress.

10 months to go:

  • Pick your bridesmaids and best man.
  • Order or book your wedding dress.
  • You can already start planing your honeymoon.

9 months to go:

  • Find a florist and decide on a bouquet and flower arrangements.
  • Decide on your many and order it from catering company.
  • Order your bridesmaids outfits.

8 months to go:

  • Order invitations, envelopes, places cards and menu cards.

7 months to go:

  • Book transport to your wedding venue for you and your guests.
  • Decide on your wedding cake and order it on time.
  • Choose your wedding favours.

6 months to go:

  • Remind your fiancé to get his own outfit.
  • Pick your wedding rings.

5 months to go:

  • Think about honeymoon shopping. It’s good to catch the sale season!
  • Decide on your hairstyle and book hairdresser.
  • Make a trial appointment with your make-up artist.

4 months to go:

  • Get your visa for the honeymoon if needed.
  • Plan your trip to the details.

3 months to go:

  • Have a make-up trial.
  • Have a rehearsal and remind those who will need to be there.

2 months to go:

  • Send out invitations.
  • Keep updating list of attendees.
  • Try on your complete outfit.

1 month to go:

  • Confirm number of your guest and arrange a sitting plan.
  • Book a beauty treatments.
  • Have a final haircut and colour.
  • And, finally……It’s a party time ! ! !

Perfect Summer Bridal Bouquets

Whatever time of the year you have decided to get married, we will pick perfect wedding flowers for  your big day. Since the summer is in full swing, we present few of our favourites summer bridal bouquet. Fill your sunny day with rustic and blowsy blooms in vibrant orange and soft pastels palette.

Peony is perfect flower for every fairy-tails bride that dreams about stunning wedding ceremony in a castle. We love this combo of romantic blush roses and soft and elegant white peony.

1111Image source:

Wow your guests with bouquet filed with peonies, succulents, and roses in a vibrant pink colour. If you want to make an unexpected touch to it, add some artichokes or agapanthus. This vibrant pink and sunny orange shades will add an instant lift to any traditional white dress.


Image source:

How about combination of mint, blush, peach and lavender? Add a fresh blush of romance to your wedding!


Image source:

Fall Wedding


Q : Hi, my name is Loretta. My fiancé and I are getting married next fall. I have never even been to a wedding before so I am not sure how everything works. I have my dress picked out.. And I know I want myself as well as my brides maids to wear flower head bands. I want mine to have a big sunflower. I know I was my bouquet to have sunflowers incorporated but that’s all I know… I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me some advice. I can show you the wedding dress I bought.
A: Dear Loretta, Thank you for contacting us! We are always happy to share our experiences and advices to the future brides. White and elegant wedding dress can never be a wrong choice! Since you are getting married during the fall what can be more matching than soft yellow and vibrant orange shades in your bridal bouquet! We have noticed that you love sunflowers so we suggest you to chose bridal bouquet filled with this big, bright and happy blooms in combination with orange alstroemeria and a few fall leaves.
We love the idea that you have chosen floral headband instead of classical wedding veil. Floral headbands became very fashionable and you can choose one that matches your colours and style.
Sunflower and its bright yellow absolutely pops up and since you may have bridal bouquet filled with this flowers, we suggest you to choose something more natural and soft for your flower head bands. We really like the second dress but we also think that it will be more inspiring and trendy if you choose a bridesmaid dresses in some other colour. What about bronze, gold or brown tones? There are endless possibilities for combining these warm colours and they will definitely capture the essence of the season.
We are hoping that our advices and ideas will be helpful for you and if you have some more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Have a lovely day!
Scarlett Weddings Team

Wedding Favours Ideas

Wedding favours are sweet and charming way to give your guests something to remember on your special day. You can make your unique, personalised wedding favours or you can simply save some time and order a ready-made ones. These gifts don’t have to be budget-busting and if you are, for instance, expert in the kitchen, you can bake some delicious cookies or make lovely lollipops and surprise your guests.

Here are our suggestions for a wedding favours that will impress your guests!

1. Macaroons


Let’s face it! These macaroons look too good to eat. Anyway who would’t like eatable favours? From macaroons in a plastic wrap to one in cute little decorative boxes, these will always be unmistakable choice.

2. Dancing Shoes

2010 Erica Velasco Photographers

How about dancing shoes? Ladies will love this one! Kick off your heels and dance!

3. Mints


This is one of the favours that will never go to waste! You can even write some little message on the boxes or choose your own design.

Our Top Pick Honeymoons

You are just-married and searching for a honeymoon trip of a lifetime? You are at the right page! From luxury tropical islands to the romantic and cozy city breaks. Scarlett Weddings will share with you top picks of the world’s best honeymoons destination !Our summer destination No. 1 is Barcelona.


barcelona3 Barcelona is the perfect honeymoon destination for culture lovers and foodies! It’s not just one more average city but the home of timeless elegance, 13th century Cathedral, museums, lively markets and outdoor caffe shops.  For those of you with an artistic spirit make sure to visit and enjoy in stunning Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece: The Sagrada Familia. Even though you are not architecture buffs, you will find yourself staring at amazing curves, colours and asymmetric details. Evening is the time when all city bars and restaurants become alive. Whether you are eating in a city restaurant or in smaller street bars you will find something to suit your tastes.


Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet

Want to create your own bridal bouquet? Just follow our simple steps!

You will need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • Florist tape
  • Pins

Step 1:

When purchasing your flowers make sure that you buy little more than what you might need. Try to arrange flower delivery just one day before your wedding day.

Step 2:

Start with removing all leaves which will help you to pack it easier together. If you want to have nice and round bouquet it’s important that you place each flower in at a 45-degree angle. When you are happy with the finished look secure all stamps with florist tape.

Step 3:

To cover the tape, you should wrap the upper part of the flower stems with colour co-ordinating ribbon. Secure the ribbon with a couple of pins pushed through the ribbon and flower stems. For a perfect touch you might use glass headed or any other decorative pins. If you would like to have a bow, cut the separate piece of ribbon and tight it nicely just beneath the flower heads.

Pic7-450x450 Pic14-450x450 Pic17-450x450


Not a DIY type? Contact Scarlett Weddings and we will make perfect bridal bouquet for your special day!

Citrus themed wedding

Summer is great time to get married. This summer, we are inspired by sunshine, sunflowers and fresh lemonade.  What summer theme can be more matching and trendy than yellow coloured theme! We love this lemon and soft lime shades that will add an instant lift to any traditional white wedding.

For a venue and ceremony decoration we suggest bright and beautiful  flowers such as yellow roses, sunflowers and craspedia. In order to complete look of this amazing summer theme, mix the yellow and white flowers.

flower yellow

Yellow bridal bouquet is perfect for attracting attention and yellow flowers are often related to happiness, compassion and trust. By adding some yellow flowers, you can make your bridal bouquet a little less formal but still stunning and elegant.

bridal-bouquets-white-yellow-1.original  yellow-garden-mix_gal

Wedding cake is just important as the wedding dress and the flowers. It’s not just about how good it tastes but also, how good it looks. Many brides and groom who are searching for non-conventional wedding are opting for a yellow wedding cake. Make your wedding cake memorable by adding yellow fondant on top or decoration inspired by yellow flowers and laces.


mwa104426_win09_lemon_ck_xl                              yellow-wedding-cake-2

10 Wedding Planning Details to Remember


Wedding menu cards are becoming ‘must-have’ in a wedding world. Let your guests know what choice they may have.

Useful Tip: If you do not want to add more costs, you can simply make one bigger menu card and place it in the middle of each table.

511698-26111-16 menu card menu card2

2.Guest Book

Having a guest book is an excellent way to remember who shared your important day with you. You can purchase a guest book by your choice or add a creative twist and let your guests to surprise you with something unexpected, like writing on a plate.

guestbook3 guestbook2

3.Place Cards

There is no rule stating that we need to have place cards, but it will help your guests to find their seats. Place Cards can be decorated to fit your wedding’s theme.

Useful Tip: Think outside of the box and create hand made place cards for your wedding! Add a personal touch to your special day and reduce some extra cost!

placecard2  place card

4.Detailed Info

If you have a buffet on your wedding ceremony, it’s useful if you place cards with detailed info about what things are and what they contain. Some of your guests may be allergic or gluten and lactose intolerant.

bufett carsbuffet card

5. Don’t forget Bridal Bouquet!

Let the bridal bouquet become the focus by setting it in a vase on the top table. It can be used as an addition to floral arrangements.

5.1 5

6.Guest Favors

This is absolutely not one of the ‘must-have’ but it’s very much appreciated. Get something that reflects your personality and fits into the theme of the wedding. If you want to have unique and unforgettable wedding make on your own treats for your guests.

fvv                        fav


If wedding venue is hidden and it’s not easy to find it, you can guide your guests through the signs or placards along the route.

ve beachweddingsign

8.Children at the wedding

Children can bring some magical and unforgettable moments to the wedding ceremony, but on the another side it can turn to a running and messing around. If you are having a lot of children at your wedding, it is good to keep them entertained. In that case, you may consider hiring qualified nannies and set up activity corner in a separate room if possible. If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can ask the venue if there is extra room or separate area which parents can use if their children need some time away from the other guests or they need changing.

Be carful while choosing the food you would like to serve the youngest one. Most of the kids will eat mainly funny food such as mini pizzas, hot-dogs and french fries, so it would be good if you can spare some money aside for their little treat.

cool-wedding-menu-2012                kids

9.Memorable Dessert

Make an impression with a spectacular dessert or cake! If you are not wedding cake kind of couple don’t feel obligate to have one at your wedding. Be creative and find your own alternative! We are suggesting cupcakes served in tower form, Candy Bar or Cookie Buffet.

candy bar cookie cupcake

10. Alcohol free drinks

Don’t forget alcohol free drinks at your wedding! Soda or mineral water is a good start but think outside of the box and offer your guests a special summer drink such as home made lemonade, fruit slushies and smoothies.

drinks lemonade