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David & Rebecka, Rustic Glamour

David & Rebecka’s wedding was truly idyllic and beautiful. Classic and timeless elegance combined with rustic details, definitely set this wedding apart.

David surprised Rebecka at her birthday in November 2010, at home of Rebecka’s parents, at the place where she grew up.

-‘It was so romantic, says Rebecka. David stayed in Stockholm and said that he can’t go with me to Åmål but he secretly traveled to my grandmother day before and then, early on my birthday, he sneaked in and surprised me with the rest of my family and propose me in front of everybody!These were tears of joy! ’  

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Rebecka has dreamed a lot about her wedding day – she knew how she wanted it but it was difficult to get everything she has dreamed about and she didn’t know where to start. David & Rebecka met wedding planner Janet Robertson from Scarlett Weddings at Wedding Fair in Grand Hotel. They loved the way that stand was decorated – a lot of fabric, crystals trees, diamonds and stunning floral arrangements.

-‘That is exactly how I imagined my wedding!’ ,exclaimed Rebecka with a big smile. ‘Soon after our first meeting we started planning. Janet was amazing, she always had new ideas and we really enjoyed working with someone who knows so much about weddings and at the same time is very passionate about it.’

-‘The entire planning process was incredibly fun, stress free and enjoyable, thanks to our wedding planner!

2011_09_01_999_328 2011_09_01_999_326 about_picture_01


Ceremony was held in a small church where even Rebecka’s parents got married. David’s father is Serbian Orthodox priest so it seemed natural that they would be married by David’s father along with another priest and a bishop.Ceremony was very intimate and personal.



Reception was at the Folkets Park, a charming and old open-air dance floor with a great scene from the 1930’s.

-‘Since there was a high ceiling, we chose to have white fabric from the middle of the roof to the sides and this gave a soft and beautiful  touch to our wedding venue. We hung a dramatic chandelier in the middle of the venue and that gave a luxury touch to the entire room.’

2011_09_01_999_333 2011_09_01_999_366 2012_07_21_999_129

Theme and Decor

-‘When it comes to the theme, we decided to go for Rustic Glamour. We wanted all tables to look different but at the same time in incorporated in our wedding theme.’

The theme overall was very romantic and combined with soft tones – white, gold, silver and old-fashioned pink. Golden plates were used to give an elegant effect on the tables. Some tables were decorated with lace and pearls while others had diamonds and crystals. Each table had it own centerpieces a sophisticated combination of high crystals tree with hundreds of hanging crystals, beautiful floral arrangements, bird cages filled with flowers and elegant candles in silver and gold. Every piece was carefully chosen and created by Scarlett Wedding Team.

-‘We liked the idea of having a lot of candles that will provide a romantic atmosphere. Led spotlights around the room changed their light during the evening – We used yellow filter during the dinner and then just before our first dance we changed it to purple and our venue magically turned into nightclub style!It was incredibly glamorous and beautiful with a personal touch.

2011_09_01_999_309 2011_09_01_999_314 2011_09_01_999_325


Pearls, lace, crystals, ribbons were all around the venue –  tied on the chairs, gift boxes and place cards. All the tables were named after something that meant a lot to David & Rebecka, such as places they have visited together or where they first met.

-‘Anyone who knows us, knows how much we love candy so we really wanted to have a Candy Bar at our wedding.’

Candy Bar contained vases and bowls in various shapes filled with Rebecka’s favourites candies, chocolate fountain with strawberries and Marshmallows.


Rebecka’s advices:

  • Hire a wedding planner so you can enjoy the whole process up to the wedding day and during the wedding day. You have to be absolutely relaxed at your wedding and you don’t have to think what’s happening around you.
  • Videographer-The best memories that we have from our wedding come from our wedding video. It’s important to choose carefully so ask to see previous work and note if you would like to have a special song in the background.
  • Photographer – Talk to your photographer before your wedding and specify what kind of photos you would like to have. Point out special persons that you would like to be photographed with.
  • Save your photos from the wedding in a memory box. This photos will always remind you on your wonderful day.

2012_07_21_999_147 2011_09_01_999_1612012_07_21_999_181

Rebecka & David:

Where: Bengtsfors – Folkets Park

When: 21 July, 2012

Wedding Planner: Janet Robertson – Scarlett Weddings

Decor & Design: Scarlett Weddings



Bridal jewellery

Once you have found your wedding dress, flowers and perfect hairstyle it’s time to start thinking about jewellery. The most important rule that you have to remember is do not over do it, and let this shiny little things to over shine you on your wedding day. Follow this golden rules to ensure that you look absolutely stunning while walking down the aisle.

Rule number 1: Match jewellery with your wedding dress

Pick your wedding dress first and choose your bridal jewellery to complement the look. If your wedding gown is modern, traditional or simple, chose something that reflect the same style. If you will wear a simple dress, play with jewellery and consider sparkling necklace and earrings set. On the other side, if your dress is elaborate, be careful while choosing jewellery and opt for more simple peace. Set of small pearl earrings and bracelet may be a perfect choice for you.

Try to match a colour of your wedding gown with your jewellery. If your wedding dress is white, it will go well with platinum, pearls and crystals. Ivory wedding dress will be perfect in combination with gold jewellery.

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Image Source:

Rule number 2: Think about neckline of your dress

Strapless dress is very popular this season, however a lot of skin will be visible. To complement your look we are suggesting choker necklace with drops. You will avoid too bare look and if you are brave pick a colours from your bridal bouquet and try to match it with your necklace. V or sweet heart-shaped neckline would look perfect with V and Y-shaped necklace with simple chain and small drop. If your dress contains high neckline consider using few fresh or silk flowers in your hair or even bridal tiara.

Rule number 3: Hairstyle is important

If you considering wearing tiara at your wedding, think about hairstyle. Longer hair with up-do hairstyle need to be combined white larger tiara in order to balance the look. If you have short hair, pick lighter and delicate tiara that doesn’t require lots of pinning to hold it in place.

Hair colour is important when it comes to your hair jewellery. Crystals are more noticeable in darker hair so if you have light hair think about colourful peace.

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Image Source:;

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on your wedding day, so choose the jewellery peace that reflects your style and that you can wear again.

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Display your guest’s wedding meal selection

After your guests have informed you about their meal selection you have no idea how your wait stuff will know which guests have chosen fish and which have opted for vegetarian meal ?! We are suggesting you 5 creative ideas to eliminate stress and don’t mess meal selections.

1. 2 in 1 Escort Card


This wedding stationery can be used as multifunctional- firstly it displays each guest’s name and assigned table while on the other side is written guest’s meal preference. Choose the colour and style of this handy wedding stationery that fits your wedding theme.



2. Colour-Coded Cards

2If you are looking for the simplest way, than colour-coded escort cards are perfect choice for you. Assignee different colours for each type of entrée and mark it on your seating display. This type of escort cards are easy to do, so check DIY websites for inspiration and do some budget saving.






3. Entrée choice stamps and stickers

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This is easy and useful way to signify type of entrée selected by your guests. Simply put a stamp or sticker with corresponding picture on guest’s place card.

4. Napkin rings

5If you have already order your escort cards or you simply don’t like idea of using it to display menu preference, than napkin ring may be an option to consider. Select one of the creative napkin rings and mark the corner with foodie detail. It’s cheap and unique way to assure that every guest will get preferred meal choice.




5. Foodie Symbol Escort Cards


If you would like to add more creativity to your wedding use escort cards with foodie symbol printed on it. This is the easiest way to let your wait stuff know what each of your guests have selected. You can keep same colours or you can opt for multi-coloured symbols for unconventional wedding.


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Candle Centerpieces

Nothing gives a sense of harmony and warmth like magic spark of fire. You can be traditional with soft glow or you can amaze your guests with high and big centrepiece inspired by candlelight. Whatever your choice may be, here are some ides to consider when deciding on decoration of your wedding reception.

Fire and water

This romantic centrepiece can be created by using  glass vase inside of bigger decorative cruse filed with water. Place the candle in the middle of glass vase and for extra effect, add some floating flowers in the cruse with water.

IMG_4187 IMG_4208

Crystal Tree Centrepiece

This unique centrepieces can be a stunning decoration for your table! Add elegance and sophistication in your table and decorate it with flowers, crystals and candles.


Different sized candles

Placing the same kind of decoration on one place may sound a bit boring. Arrange your candles at varying heights and make it more attractive. Metallic shades will fit perfectly almost every wedding theme and palette. When choosing candles, quality counts so make sure that you have good quality of candles, that burns brighter and longer.




All images of centrepieces in the post are created by Scarlett Weddings. If you would like to have similar decoration at your wedding, find our contact information at

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

Finding one dress for your bridesmaids, that fits perfectly everybody’s style and body shape was never an easy part. One of the most interesting trends of this summer is a convertible bridesmaids dress with so many different ways to wear the same dress. It can be wrapped, twisted, strapped over one or both shoulders, or just worn as a skirt. You can choose the colour and fabric, and leave it up to your bridesmaids to decide one of at least 9 ways to wear the dress.

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One more reason to fall in love with new trend it that you don’t have to worry about wearing same dress twice! You can always pick a different style and way to wear it. Moreover, it’s perfect peace to pack in your suitcase.

2          3

What we love the most about this dresses is that you can always change the style at the very last second! The bride can choose the colour that fits with the wedding theme, bridesmaids may choose they own style of wearing it…Well, it looks that everybody  can be happy!

5          6

Image Sources: Pinterest,,,

How to choose your wedding shoes?

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

-Marilyn Monroe

We know that it’s not easy to find a perfect pair of shoes to say  ‘I do’, but once you find it, you will fall head over heels in love with it! Shoes can be a real beast if you chose the wrong pair. In order to prevent any possible complication, read the advice bellow.

  • Choose your shoes before your final wedding dress fitting. Your tailor need to know how high your heels are so he or she know how to adjust length of your dress.
  • Make sure that the shoe really fits you. Try them on and spend some time in them in the store, because shoes that feel comfortable at first, may not be after five minutes . If possible, wear them at home and return them if they don’t fit you very well.
  • If you are not used to very high heels choose pair that suits you the best. Remember that  you have to spend whole day in the same pair of shoes, so make sure to check heel height before buying it. Stand up and try to raise yourself on your toes so there’s at least an inch of space under the heels. If you can’t do that, choose pair with lower heels.
  • Practice at least once day for about week before your wedding. Spend 15-30 minutes wearing your shoes at home. Your frets have to get used to the new shoes. Pain is bad sign. If they don’t feet, return it to the store, no matter how much you like it. You have only one pair of foot and shoes can be replaced.


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What does your lipstick shade say about you?

Would you like to know what does your lipstick shade say about you? Open your cosmetic kit and find which shades you are close to. Now, take a look at the pictures and read the descriptions. Remember, choice of your lipstick shade brings your personality to the surface!

Red Lips 

red-bImage Source:

If RED is your favourite lipstick shade it proves that you are confident enough to draw attention on your lips and show off your sexuality. You are passionate, full of energy and always ready to conquer the world.

Pink Lips


Image Source:

Pink shades are very common and there is probably no woman in the world that doesn’t  own a pink shade in her cosmetic kit. If PINK is your favourite shade it means that you are playful, fun and person who doesn’t take life too seriously. You are a person with soft and sophisticated nature.

Brown and Plum Lips

plum.bImage Source:

It’s usually believed that women that falls in love with brown and plum lipstick shades are full of adventurous spirit, confident and daring. They are the one who follows risky way of life instead of safe one.These women are surrounded by mystery and they love to take a challenges.

Natural Lips

naturalImage Source:

If you have affinity towards nude and natural lipstick shades, it means that you are relaxed, sophisticated and quite reserved. You don’t let people easily in your life. At the same time you are calm, down to earth and you always know how to look chic!

Black,Gothic Lips

black-bImage Source:

Woman with black lips definitely stands out from the crowd. Black is a colour that screams ‘Fashion’ and it’s ‘It’ shade at the present. If black is your lipstick choice it means that you are brave, confident and self-optioned person. You don’t care what others think about you. As a person you are difficult and bold. Be proud on your self because black is one of those lipsticks that only few can pull off.


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Fall 2014 Wedding Dress Collections

Check this gorgeous wedding dresses for the fall 2014! We collected for you amazing creations of Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera, Naeem Khan and Marchesa from the fall 2014 collections.

Even if you don’t plan to get married this year, there is never a wasted moment, looking at this glamorous wedding gowns. According to latest trends, this fall will be all about romance, lace and embellished backs. Wedding experts absolutely agree : wedding dresses trends for the fall 2014 are heart-melting!

hbz-bridal-spring-2014-Naeem-Khan-Favorite-Granada-5282094-lg hbz-bridal-spring-2014-Naeem-Khan-Favorite-Valencia-10880125-lg

Naeem Khan

marchesa1       marchesa


moni moniq monique

Monique Lhuillier

vv   vw   vww

Vera Wang

Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.”
Tyra Banks
Nowadays, there are numerous different eye-makeup styles available, but today we are inspired by this natural, but still glam smokey eyes step by step image tutorial that we found on Pinterest.
Follow this simple steps below to achieve this elegant look!

1. Apply liquid foundation and light eyeshadow all over the eyelid.
2. Apply sparkling white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye.
3. Now apply light brown eyeshadow and blend two colors together.
4. Apply dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye.
5. Use black liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelid.
6. Same dark brown shadow that you used on your upper eyelid, apply on your lower eyelid.
7. Apply your black mascara and you are ready for your big day.