Just engaged?


You are going to plan your wedding and you are not sure how to start. Keep calm. Married women all over the world have gone through it and had the same feelings, and they all triumphed! Here are some tips that can help you to start:

– Throw an engagement party! This is the best moment to do it! Make sure you include people who will be on your wedding list.

– Get inspired. Blogs, bridal websites, Pinterest and Instagram will help you to get the inspiration you may need for your big day. There is a big market full of ideas waiting for you. Sounds overwhelming… But it´s so much fun!

engaged-Style me prettyImage Source: Stylemepretty.com

– Go to Bridal Shows and Wedding Fairs. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of them if you have it. Bridal Shows are perfect to make new contacts and get a full perspective of vendors and prices in your area. Tip: in Stockholm, Bröllopsmässan in Grand Hôtel is our best recommendation! You can check the dates and prices here.

– Choose the theme that suits your personality as a couple. There are so many different styles shabby chic, vintage, rustic, modern, monochrome… You can always include some shades from your personality as a couple in your wedding. You will always remember it and it will make your wedding unique.

– Set priorities. Once you got all inspiration and you are ready to start the real planning, make a priority list of services. Start for those that are essential.

– Create a budget. Be honest with your mate and be realistic. It is pretty easy to desire every single thing the market offers (we know!) but you may want to create an honest budget before signing any contract. It could be the case that your budget does not allow the wedding of your dreams, in that case, you could prepare a saving-plan or postpone the wedding date to avoid visiting your bank.

– Search for help. It is a very common thought among brides to believe that they can do everything by themselves. Wrong idea. Whether you have a good friend that has some experience organizing events or you would rather count with a professional on your big day, our recommendation is: don’t try to do everything alone! And if it is possible, let your beloved ones enjoy every single aspect of the day with you rather than working on your wedding day.

Janet -Scarlett weddings

Image Source: Scarlett Wedding

This simple steps will take you to the next level: planning your wedding – one of the most unforgettable processes in your life!

Featured picture: Jose Villa

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