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Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

Finding one dress for your bridesmaids, that fits perfectly everybody’s style and body shape was never an easy part. One of the most interesting trends of this summer is a convertible bridesmaids dress with so many different ways to wear the same dress. It can be wrapped, twisted, strapped over one or both shoulders, or just worn as a skirt. You can choose the colour and fabric, and leave it up to your bridesmaids to decide one of at least 9 ways to wear the dress.

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One more reason to fall in love with new trend it that you don’t have to worry about wearing same dress twice! You can always pick a different style and way to wear it. Moreover, it’s perfect peace to pack in your suitcase.

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What we love the most about this dresses is that you can always change the style at the very last second! The bride can choose the colour that fits with the wedding theme, bridesmaids may choose they own style of wearing it…Well, it looks that everybody  can be happy!

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