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Choosing your bridesmaids’ bouquets

Choosing your bridesmaids’ bouquet was never easy part of the planning process. You have to think about the type of flowers, size, budget and theme matching. This simple step will help you in making decisions and hopefully turn it in a pleasant experience.

1. Define your budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to buy beautiful bridesmaids’ bouquets. Uniqueness is always appreciated, so spend some time on the Internet and search for sites with DIY ideas. You can also choose seasonal flowers because it’s cheap and budget friendly.

2. Match your bridesmaids’ flowers with your bouquet

This doesn’t mean that bridesmaids’ bouquets have to be same as yours but make sure that it coordinates with your own. Size is important, so don’t let them outshine you! Make sure that bridesmaids’ bouquets are smaller than your own.

3. Consult your bridesmaids for opinion and advice

If you can’t decide between different flower choices, consult your bridesmaids for the opinion. Since it’s your big day and it’s important that flowers match your taste, it’s a good idea to select a type of the flowers that you like and then ask them for their opinions.

4. Match the style of the bouquets with dresses

Balance the bouquet with  the dress. For instance, if the style of the dress is simple, then you can afford a bouquet composed of various and colourful flowers. On the other side, if the dress is  impressive and complex, you should opt for a simpler bouquet so you don’t achieve too pretentious look.

5. Complete your wedding theme

Make sure that bridesmaids’ bouquets matches not only your own, but floral decoration and your wedding theme.Rule is simple, more guests you have, simpler bouquets should be, so the complete picture of your wedding is not preoccupied with flowers.


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