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Candle Centerpieces

Nothing gives a sense of harmony and warmth like magic spark of fire. You can be traditional with soft glow or you can amaze your guests with high and big centrepiece inspired by candlelight. Whatever your choice may be, here are some ides to consider when deciding on decoration of your wedding reception.

Fire and water

This romantic centrepiece can be created by using  glass vase inside of bigger decorative cruse filed with water. Place the candle in the middle of glass vase and for extra effect, add some floating flowers in the cruse with water.

IMG_4187 IMG_4208

Crystal Tree Centrepiece

This unique centrepieces can be a stunning decoration for your table! Add elegance and sophistication in your table and decorate it with flowers, crystals and candles.


Different sized candles

Placing the same kind of decoration on one place may sound a bit boring. Arrange your candles at varying heights and make it more attractive. Metallic shades will fit perfectly almost every wedding theme and palette. When choosing candles, quality counts so make sure that you have good quality of candles, that burns brighter and longer.




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