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Ceremony Decoration

When getting married outside, there are numerous different ways you can show your creativity and decorate the ceremony. It’s absolutely true that guests will not spend that much time on a ceremony, but it’s still important to make a lasting impression. Moreover, don’t forget that your ceremony is place where many pictures will be taken.

One way of making space looking special for your big day is decorating the chairs. Our favourite way of chair decoration is jar filled with colourful flowers. This type of decoration is not only cute and elegant but budget-saving as well.

image image-1

Let the flowers set the scene while you are walking down the aisle!

Another way of showing your romantic side is using candles instead of flowers. Candles are most of the time cheaper than floral arrangements but still romantic and classy. Set the candles along the aisle sides and let the love spirit guide you to the altar.

Throwing down some rose petals can be extra decoration for your wedding ceremony. Even if you don’t have a flower girl, you can still have romantic aisle to walk down. Rose petals are inexpensive way of having some flowers on your big day so if you want to do some budget saving, this may be a good option for you.