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Flower Girls Duties

Who are they?

These cute and adorable little ladies are important part of every wedding ceremony. If you have one in your family, she will be more than happy to take part in your wedding and add a touch of innocent charm to your special day.

What does a flower girl do?

Different couples are having different wishes and ideas about flower girls’s responsibilities. Traditionally, their role is to walk down the aisle in front of the bride and scatter the rose petals. Usually they have little basket filled with petals, but if you don’t have conditions or your venue doesn’t approve it, they can simply carry just small flower bouquet instead.

Explain them their role!

Children may get confused or scared when they have to do something unfamiliar to them. The communication and patience are important while explaining her a duties and doing trial walk. It might be good if you ask parents to attend the rehearsal. Children may feel safer when they can see their parents.

Increase their confidence!

Find them a company! It might be better if you have them walk in pair with other girl or even a boy. This way, they will be less nervous and you can be sure that they will not have their ‘last moment fright’.

Make them feel comfortable!

Make sure that they have the right size of shoes and that they are comfortable enough for walking. Also, make sure that the size of the dress fits your flower girls! Flower girls are not limited to wear mini replicas of bride’s dress. There are so many cute and comfortable dresses for a little girls that you can choose from.

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Image Source: via OliviaKateCouture