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Best man

Q: Hi. I’m looking for a funky idea for my daughters fiancé to ask his friends to be his bestmen?

A: It’s not always easy to ask your friend to be your best man at your wedding. We have to mention that honour of being a best man deserves something better than just simple asking a question. Just because somebody is our best friend, and we know him for a long time doesn’t mean, that we can’t pull out something new and funny and surprise him.

How about turning ordinary night out into surprise? While you watching the game in a bar, drop the news by having the waiter bring out his favourite beer in engraved ‘Best Man’ beer mug.
Another great idea is to surprise him with a customized gift. Who on this world doesn’t like a presents?! This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune in order to surprise your friend, just be creative.

Fall Wedding


Q : Hi, my name is Loretta. My fiancé and I are getting married next fall. I have never even been to a wedding before so I am not sure how everything works. I have my dress picked out.. And I know I want myself as well as my brides maids to wear flower head bands. I want mine to have a big sunflower. I know I was my bouquet to have sunflowers incorporated but that’s all I know… I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me some advice. I can show you the wedding dress I bought.
A: Dear Loretta, Thank you for contacting us! We are always happy to share our experiences and advices to the future brides. White and elegant wedding dress can never be a wrong choice! Since you are getting married during the fall what can be more matching than soft yellow and vibrant orange shades in your bridal bouquet! We have noticed that you love sunflowers so we suggest you to chose bridal bouquet filled with this big, bright and happy blooms in combination with orange alstroemeria and a few fall leaves.
We love the idea that you have chosen floral headband instead of classical wedding veil. Floral headbands became very fashionable and you can choose one that matches your colours and style.
Sunflower and its bright yellow absolutely pops up and since you may have bridal bouquet filled with this flowers, we suggest you to choose something more natural and soft for your flower head bands. We really like the second dress but we also think that it will be more inspiring and trendy if you choose a bridesmaid dresses in some other colour. What about bronze, gold or brown tones? There are endless possibilities for combining these warm colours and they will definitely capture the essence of the season.
We are hoping that our advices and ideas will be helpful for you and if you have some more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Have a lovely day!
Scarlett Weddings Team