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Candy Bar

Candy never goes out of style so there is nothing better than adding some extra sweetness on your wedding day! Candy bars continue to be a top trend this summer and it’s not just a trendy way to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth but it’s also a great way to add some colour to the decor of your wedding reception.

Be careful when choosing the colours of the sweets, it’s important as much as flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses. Use your wedding colours and theme to inspire your candy selection. Nowadays, you are able to choose among variety of different candy tastes, colour palettes and shapes.

Before you set up your Candy Bar it’s good to ask yourself a few questions: What is the perfect location for Candy Bar? Can people have access to Candy Bar from all sides? Will there be a nice background for the pictures?

Make your Candy Bar popping up by adding some fruit on it! How about chocolate dipped strawberries? Mmmm…Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?


Be creative! Use your Candy Bar as a DIY favour station! Buy little decorative boxes or even mini plastic bags with tags and let your guests make tasty, take-homes treats. This is budget-saving and unique option for your wedding favours.

Get some inspiration by checking out this delicious Candy Bar that we made for R&D, the cutest couple ever!

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