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Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory. Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it’s not as simple as picking your favorite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colors.If you don’t know where to begin, the task of choosing your wedding flowers might feel more daunting than sweet. Get started with these tips.

Frida & Kristoffer Bröllop 27 juni 2015


Think about the types of flowers that are normally seen around the time of year when you’re getting married, for example, tulips and peonies in the spring, or dahlias and mums in the fall. There’s no rule that says you can only use flowers if they’re in season, but out-of-season blooms might be difficult for your florist to find and will generally mean a higher price tag for you in the end.



Your wedding flowers allow you to get creative with your favorite colors and textures. Ensuring you have a rough starting idea of what you want is so important. Pinterest and Instagram will be your best friend during this decision making process. Save yourself the research and check out our choice of wedding flowers that we absolutely love! You might find exactly what you have been dreaming of! Ensure you bring what you find to your florist to clearly portray your vision.



Start your planning journey with your bouquet or the bridesmaid’s bouquets and work from there. Deciding on the less overwhelming blooms early and how big of a role you want flowers to play in your wedding is really helpful. You may be planning a minimalistic day, in which case your bouquet and the bridesmaid’s flowers will be all that you want. In comparison, for some brides, statement floral arrangements are the main feature of the styling. Knowing the bouquet that you’re after will then inspire the color and textures that you want, which will then seamlessly play out into the rest of the styling.



A great way to gather inspiration for your wedding flowers is pairing them with the theme of your wedding. A beach wedding may inspire traditional white blooms paired with loose and relaxed palm leaves. A bohemian wedding is your chance to be creative and modern, think wildflowers, peonies and proteas surrounded with foliage, rosemary and olive branches and earthy colors for a rustic and messy feel. If a traditional celebration is more your taste, you can’t get wrong with classic roses.



Autumn Wedding Ideas


Autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons to have Your Wedding Vows in. If you are going to get married outdoors, be sure to decorate every detail and prepare the scenery for a lot of breathtaking photos. Not only that but there are so many details that come with fall that will help to make your wedding event romantic and grateful. Especially when it’s about flowers! Here are some trends that technically are a part of 2019.

A Ructic Theme

If you love the idea of a laid back wedding in the country then a rustic wedding style could be perfect for you. Just incorporate a lot of wood (and sometimes country-like items) into the decor. If you’re keen on having real flowers, try using baby’s breath. If this describes your style perfectly then you are going to love these rustic wedding ideas.

The Green

There are many wedding ideas that incorporate the shades of color green and add a special touch to the special day. Green is the color of new life, and isn’t that what you and your future husband or wife are setting out to build together? Green comes in many gorgeous shades and there are fun ways to make it a part of your special day.



Blankets are perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony! Trying keep your guests cozy as the sun goes down is totally great idea! Weather can get pretty unpredictable in this period of year. The temperature is changing from one day to another quickly, so it can be very challenging to organize the whole ceremony. If you are planning on getting married towards the end of October or early November and you want to do it outdoors, be well prepared and make sure you have some blankets! It’s another 2019 wedding trend that we absolutely adore!


Fairy lights and candles

There’s nothing like fairy lights to turn a wedding into a fairy tale!!! Lighting is the single most important decor element at your wedding. The bulbs and candles you select are what will ultimately light your perfect venue, make your photos just right, and keep the party going—even after the sun sets.


Food and Drink carts

As far as your reception goes, how can you not fall in love with food and drink cart? Simply put, they are movable carts that caterers can move throughout your reception venue. The cute and rustic elements of this fun food truck are sure to leave a smile on your face.


Deconstructed Cakes

Deconstructed cakes are back! It’s a cool way to have different flavors too. If you want a white cake but your groom prefers chocolate, here’s an easy-and-convenient way to have both.

deconstructed cakes

Sweet welcome for your guests! Whether you’re trying to welcome older or the younger guests at your wedding, you can’t go wrong with welcome/thank you boxes. You can put everything from miniature toiletries and bottles of alcohol to snacks.If you have any out of town/hotel guests, you can even put an info tour inside! It’s totally up to you! Whatever you decide, it’s a nice idea to bring a little bit of future trends into 2018 by incorporating some of these ideas into your big day!


Here are some suggestions that will ensure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy the open environment.



Give your guests as much information about where the ceremony will be held, so they can tailor outfit.


While some guests like to stand, older people might feel most comfortable during the ceremony while seated. And it should also be kept in mind that the type of seat depends on the season of the celebration.


Certainly one of the most important things. Join the outdoor bar or be creative with cocktails, champagne and other refreshing drinks that guests will be able to use themselves.


If you expect a guest to spend some time outside, especially during the day, choose one of the creative ways to provide some spots in shades, or even umbrellas and gazebos.


When choosing food, remember that guests will not sit at the table and eat so finger food fits best.



Sun and bugs are often unavoidable during outdoor weddings so be sure to provide a protection station with sunscreen and bug spray to protect your guests.


If you plan outdoor wedding venue at fresh time season it will be both nice and necessary to have some warm blankets. Although if low temperatures are predicted, renting out external heaters is a must so your guests can comfortably enjoy the event.



If you plan an outdoor Wedding, we’re always here to help!

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Organic Backdrops

       A ceremony backdrop is an area you can really experiment with as it will be the frame to your wedding vowels and no doubt there will be plenty of photos of this space. It gives definition to the space, incorporates your theme, and livens up the event!




        If you want the original background for your pictures and complement your ceremony style we suggest organic backdrops. Such backdrops are popular for any season, they look beautiful with any greenery your prefer. With rich greenery taking center stage for this design, minimal flowers can still make an impact.If you decided for vintage style, it will be suitable to go with a background in the form of roses and peonies, for the marine style, choose decorations in the form of a boat with oars; the tropical wedding will be fitted with a green wall! A natural backdrop makes a beautiful accent piece in the reception space and becomes a hallmark of guest selfies.




Organic backdrops reflect our love for the natural world!




2018 Summer wedding trends that left the biggest impression

Flower Walls

We just can’t get enough! Flower wall will make your wedding unforgettable and it will provide an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos.


Neon Signs

Have you thought about having a custom neon signs at your wedding? Whether these signs say your names, a special slogan, or even your unique wedding hashtag, putting these signs around your venue gives your party an electric vibe.


DIY Drink Bar

It’s summer, so the best way to keep the dance floor occupied is to make sure that your guests are hydrated with a booze of their choice (and water, of course). Having a signature cocktail was a trend of the past—now, go for a DIY cocktal bar where your guests can create their favourite drinks using fresh fruit as a summertime twist. How cool is that?


Colourful Candles

Summer is truly all about color and one way to add it to your tables is with candles. Whether in a centrepiece or floating in water in the middle of the table, add a vibrant splash of color by using coloured candles.


Summer Wedding Flower Trend

Reception floral designs aren’t just about centrepieces anymore. Ceiling arrangements  are trending and we can see them everywhere. For bouquets, wild and undone arrangements are still trending, but they’re inspired by seasonal summer flowers. Peonies kick off the early summer months, leading into dahlia season mid-July.


Summer wedding food trends

Ice cream and ice pops in the summer aren’t exactly something new, but the cold dessert game has gotten even more serious. Edible flowers, herbs and creative presentation take these childhood favourites to a whole new level. Traditional plates like baked mac and cheese are replaced with lightly dressed pasta salad, and desserts like cupcakes are swapped out for mini fruit tarts.


How To Choose a Wedding Photographer?

Finding perfect wedding photographer is never an easy task. After the cake is cutted, first dance finished and flowers wilted, only your photos will remain and keep your memories from being forgotten. We asked Rebecca Hansson, a wedding photographer, to share her advice for wonderful wedding imagery and answer some of the most common questions.

Rebecca, how would you describe your style of wedding photography?

Once you choose your wedding photographer, it is very important that you love the photographer’s style and you understand each other. This is, after all, a person that will capture the most important moments of your special day and therefore it is important that you have good collaboration. My advice is to look through various photographers’ portfolios to see what suits you in terms of style and finally get to know each other. You can use social media as a tool to get more insights and information.

fotograf Rebecca Hansson 05

I would describe my style as emotional, calm, with soft lighting and  pastel shading. When I say calm, I mean that I always opt for cluttered backgrounds and fully focus on my wedding couples. The wedding day is emotion, there is laughter, tears, anxiety, flashbacks. That’s what I want to capture in my pictures highlighting the relationships between people.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Wow, I have so many favorite parts of the wedding day. There is always something special to capture when the bride getting ready and feel emotions and the nervousness is in the air. If I have to choose just one moment, it would be the moment when the bride and groom are seeing each other for the first time. It takes my breath away every single time!

How far in advance do we need to book our photographer?

The earlier the better. Majority of bookings are made approximately a  year before the wedding day.

fotograf Rebecca Hansson 07

What is included in the wedding package?

It may differ from photographer to photographer. This is where you need to speak together  with your partner  and think about what you want. You can choose to have photos that require a lot of editing or rather opt for the images capturing the whole day in a documentary way. It is important that you ask for a photo book example. If you find some photos that are not included in your package, but you still want to have the, you can buy them afterwards. Do not hesitate to speak with your photographer about that.

I have chosen to set an hourly rate and then included all of the photos that I take during the specific time. To tell the story of your wedding is important to me so I decided to try to capture as many important moments as possible instead of focusing on photo albums. Printed version is always available and you can purchase it additionally after your wedding day.

How many hours do we get?

My wedding package starts with 5 hours and goes up to the whole wedding day.

How many pictures will we get?

I can offer packages that include approximately 70 frames per hour.

fotograf Rebecca Hansson 03

Can I give you a list of specific moments  that we would like to have captured?

Absolutely, I always discuss with my couples which images are important for them. Sometimes it can be hard to capture every single happening as it is so many things that are going around on your wedding day. However, I always give my best to preserve couples’ memories.

If you request photos that does not fit into my style, I am afraid I need to say no to it.  There is always somebody who specialise in that kind of style and might be more suitable for you.
Contact Rebecca:


Black Friday 2014 deals

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s time for our Black Friday 2014 deals that you don’t want to miss! If your wedding is just around the corner, this may be your lucky day! Just today, we are giving 20% discount on our entire Hire Collection and Service packages! So hurry up and take advantage of these deals before it’s too late!


Whether you dream of a small intimate wedding with family and friends or an extravagant experience for hundreds of guests, regardless of size, we are here to help you with as little or as much as you wish. Take a look below at some of our products from our Hire Collection and make sure you don’t miss today’s deal! For entire collection, visit our website

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Wedding Favours Ideas

Wedding favours are sweet and charming way to give your guests something to remember on your special day. You can make your unique, personalised wedding favours or you can simply save some time and order a ready-made ones. These gifts don’t have to be budget-busting and if you are, for instance, expert in the kitchen, you can bake some delicious cookies or make lovely lollipops and surprise your guests.

Here are our suggestions for a wedding favours that will impress your guests!

1. Macaroons


Let’s face it! These macaroons look too good to eat. Anyway who would’t like eatable favours? From macaroons in a plastic wrap to one in cute little decorative boxes, these will always be unmistakable choice.

2. Dancing Shoes

2010 Erica Velasco Photographers

How about dancing shoes? Ladies will love this one! Kick off your heels and dance!

3. Mints


This is one of the favours that will never go to waste! You can even write some little message on the boxes or choose your own design.