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Wedding Cake Alternatives

Traditional wedding is unimaginable without truly beautiful wedding cake. But how about Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cookie Tower, Doughnuts and Ice Cream? If you are looking beyond  the traditional wedding cake, you came to the right place! Check these delicious alternatives!


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Cupcakes are a great alternative for traditional wedding cake. With mixing and playing with flavour and colour, there will be something for everyone’s taste. Another great advantages of having a cupcake tower is decorative dimension. It could be stunning spot at your wedding reception or wonderful decoration for your Candy Bar table. Think about it!

Cookie Tower

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Irresistible cookie tower proves that inside of every grown-up man is a little child. Popularity of bite-size sweets is constantly growing, so choose your all-time favourite and surprise your guests with this fun alternative to cake. Make sure, you have enough for everyone because some of the guests like to try one of each.


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We can call this fried treats a trendiest wedding cake alternative of the season! This is unique and inexpensive way to charm your guests and add a personal touch to your big day. Use your creativity and variety of fillings and toping to accomplish your wedding theme.

Macaron Wedding Cake

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This French delicacy stole our hearts on a first bite! Macarons are mostly arranged as a pyramid to which they are stuck with a caramelised sugar. With the help of the food colouring, they come in every colour of the  rainbow so it’s easy to choose ones that suits to your wedding theme.

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