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Flower Backdrop

Hi wedding lovers! If you have always wanted to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception but you are not able to have it, do not despair – We got a plan for you! We are talking about floral backdrops that you can use for your wedding. It can be made of  fresh or either paper or silk flowers. This floral peace will make your reception pop, and amazing images are guaranteed!

Flower Backdrop is not just posh detail reserved for Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian, you can even do it yourself. Shall we get some inspiration and DIY ideas? Check this link and learn how to do this stunning and budget-saving wedding piece.



Image Source:entertainthis.usatoday.com

For those of you, who are not a DIY person, Scarlett Weddings offer unique wedding backdrops & party decor. Find our contact information at www.scarlettweddings.se .

If you wish to have breathtaking and memorable pictures we are suggesting flower wall made of fresh flowers in colours and shades that suits you your wedding theme. This colourful flower wall is ideal for traditional white and creamy weddings. WOW your guests and leave them speechless!

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Image Source :pinterest.com; buzzfeed.com

Are you looking for something more unique? Check this wild green wall! It will transform any white wall in a stunning ceremony backdrop. The best thing is- you can take home your living green wall after your wedding day. So natural and stylish at the same time!

Found on flowersgardenlove.tumblr.com

Image Source: flowersgardenlove.tumblr.com

Love DIY ideas? Choose this colourful party backdrop! It’s simple and easy! Buy colourful paper in your local party store and check DIY websites for inspiration and ideas. It looks lovely arranged together as flower wall. Play with colours, shape and texture of paper!

Found on craftandcouture.com minted.com the perfect palette.com

Image Source: craftandcouture.com;minted.com; theperfectpalette.com

You will have flowers on the tables, floors, ceiling and you think that flower wall will be too much? Think about few floral lines as a wall detail and you are ready to take some memorable wedding photos!

studiochoo.com Via Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine wedding chichks


Image Source:studiochoo.com; Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine; weddingchics.com

Ceremony Decoration

When getting married outside, there are numerous different ways you can show your creativity and decorate the ceremony. It’s absolutely true that guests will not spend that much time on a ceremony, but it’s still important to make a lasting impression. Moreover, don’t forget that your ceremony is place where many pictures will be taken.

One way of making space looking special for your big day is decorating the chairs. Our favourite way of chair decoration is jar filled with colourful flowers. This type of decoration is not only cute and elegant but budget-saving as well.

image image-1

Let the flowers set the scene while you are walking down the aisle!

Another way of showing your romantic side is using candles instead of flowers. Candles are most of the time cheaper than floral arrangements but still romantic and classy. Set the candles along the aisle sides and let the love spirit guide you to the altar.

Throwing down some rose petals can be extra decoration for your wedding ceremony. Even if you don’t have a flower girl, you can still have romantic aisle to walk down. Rose petals are inexpensive way of having some flowers on your big day so if you want to do some budget saving, this may be a good option for you.

Choosing your bridesmaids’ bouquets

Choosing your bridesmaids’ bouquet was never easy part of the planning process. You have to think about the type of flowers, size, budget and theme matching. This simple step will help you in making decisions and hopefully turn it in a pleasant experience.

1. Define your budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to buy beautiful bridesmaids’ bouquets. Uniqueness is always appreciated, so spend some time on the Internet and search for sites with DIY ideas. You can also choose seasonal flowers because it’s cheap and budget friendly.

2. Match your bridesmaids’ flowers with your bouquet

This doesn’t mean that bridesmaids’ bouquets have to be same as yours but make sure that it coordinates with your own. Size is important, so don’t let them outshine you! Make sure that bridesmaids’ bouquets are smaller than your own.

3. Consult your bridesmaids for opinion and advice

If you can’t decide between different flower choices, consult your bridesmaids for the opinion. Since it’s your big day and it’s important that flowers match your taste, it’s a good idea to select a type of the flowers that you like and then ask them for their opinions.

4. Match the style of the bouquets with dresses

Balance the bouquet with  the dress. For instance, if the style of the dress is simple, then you can afford a bouquet composed of various and colourful flowers. On the other side, if the dress is  impressive and complex, you should opt for a simpler bouquet so you don’t achieve too pretentious look.

5. Complete your wedding theme

Make sure that bridesmaids’ bouquets matches not only your own, but floral decoration and your wedding theme.Rule is simple, more guests you have, simpler bouquets should be, so the complete picture of your wedding is not preoccupied with flowers.


Featured Image Source: colincowieweddings.com

Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet

Want to create your own bridal bouquet? Just follow our simple steps!

You will need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • Florist tape
  • Pins

Step 1:

When purchasing your flowers make sure that you buy little more than what you might need. Try to arrange flower delivery just one day before your wedding day.

Step 2:

Start with removing all leaves which will help you to pack it easier together. If you want to have nice and round bouquet it’s important that you place each flower in at a 45-degree angle. When you are happy with the finished look secure all stamps with florist tape.

Step 3:

To cover the tape, you should wrap the upper part of the flower stems with colour co-ordinating ribbon. Secure the ribbon with a couple of pins pushed through the ribbon and flower stems. For a perfect touch you might use glass headed or any other decorative pins. If you would like to have a bow, cut the separate piece of ribbon and tight it nicely just beneath the flower heads.

Pic7-450x450 Pic14-450x450 Pic17-450x450


Not a DIY type? Contact Scarlett Weddings and we will make perfect bridal bouquet for your special day!

Citrus themed wedding

Summer is great time to get married. This summer, we are inspired by sunshine, sunflowers and fresh lemonade.  What summer theme can be more matching and trendy than yellow coloured theme! We love this lemon and soft lime shades that will add an instant lift to any traditional white wedding.

For a venue and ceremony decoration we suggest bright and beautiful  flowers such as yellow roses, sunflowers and craspedia. In order to complete look of this amazing summer theme, mix the yellow and white flowers.

flower yellow

Yellow bridal bouquet is perfect for attracting attention and yellow flowers are often related to happiness, compassion and trust. By adding some yellow flowers, you can make your bridal bouquet a little less formal but still stunning and elegant.

bridal-bouquets-white-yellow-1.original  yellow-garden-mix_gal

Wedding cake is just important as the wedding dress and the flowers. It’s not just about how good it tastes but also, how good it looks. Many brides and groom who are searching for non-conventional wedding are opting for a yellow wedding cake. Make your wedding cake memorable by adding yellow fondant on top or decoration inspired by yellow flowers and laces.


mwa104426_win09_lemon_ck_xl                              yellow-wedding-cake-2