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A big thank you to everyone who shared yet another great weekend with us at Bröllopsmässan in Malmö! We believe that all of us can agree upon the fact that Scarlett Weddings presented magical and inspiring wedding themes that would make your big day unforgettable and special. For all of you who couldn’t join us at Malmö’s Bröllopsmassan, here is your chance to have a look at our  amazing wedding themes.

Black & Gold

With this wedding theme, we brought Hollywood Glam to the Wedding Fair. What can be more eye-catching than elegant black and glittery gold? If you are planning an dramatic and glamorous wedding, then black & gold is your winning combination!

1 2  4 6

Elegant plate chargers and cutlery can make big difference between a nice and a fabulous table setting. SW offers very large stock of gold and silver cutlery available for hire. For more images and contact info check our website www.scarlettweddings.se


Floral arrangements in this vibrant colour will definitely pop up and make any traditional white wedding more attractive. In order to achieve even more sophisticated look, combine it with silver cutlery and crystal details.

We believe that this wedding theme is perfect for spring and summertime weddings. Bring playfulness, brightness and vitality to your special day!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3       photo 5


Something blue? Something casual? Something elegant? Navy is perfect wedding theme for you! It’s classy, modern and chic. To keep things more interesting, we added a touch of silver. Our navy table was beautifully adorned with white blooms that has attracted the attention of every visitor.

1 2  4 5


7                                 3


Gold and ivory wedding theme is timeless and impeccable choice! Gold combined with neutral colours such as ivory, cream and blush always looks sophisticated at a wedding. We believe that is all about details so we played with pearls, brooches and satin ribbons.

1 3 4 5 6 7


There is something so romantic and charming about vintage weddings! This kind of weddings will never go out of fashion! Blush floral arrangements, wooden details, lace and candles…vintage wedding theme is so magical! It’s not a secret that this wedding theme was one of our favourites at Wedding Fair.
Whatever you choose for your wedding theme, help is on hand from Scarlett Weddings to make it perfect!

1 2 3 6 8 9 4 5

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall is one of the favourite season when it comes to weddings. Autumn brings warm palette of rich gold, vibrant orange and deep red. This year, we were inspired by seasonal trend and rustic shades in combination with gold details. Decoration included a bit of everything: Wood, pumpkins, flowers, leaves and candles.Have a look at our table inspired by this beautiful season!

photo 2-2     photo 4-2photo 2-3     photo 1-3photo 1-2     photo 3-2 photo 3-3  photo 4-3

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring is reserved for delicate pastel shades- blush pink, rich cream, soft lilac, sky blue, mint green and soft silver. Combination of this colours makes fresh and modern spring colour scheme. We used glass vases filled with flowers on different levels, mirror  that casts a glow onto the reception table and floating candles.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 3-1 photo 4-1 photo 5-1 photo

We look forward to see you soon again – and we will, because SW Team is always in the middle of planning for new events, weddings and fairs!

Until than, be inspired.

Xxx SW Team


Wedding Fair in Malmö

Scarlett Wedding Team is always in the middle of planning for upcoming events! We are happy to inform you that SW will be part of Malmö’s largest and coolest exhibition for weddings, 17-19 October 2014.

Over 2,000 sqm exhibition hall with some 70 exhibitors, fitting rooms, luxury showrooms, 2 scenes, the entertainment, great wedding shows, try on hairstyles & makeup of stylists and much, much more!

Buy your tickets here: http://www.brollopsmassan.se

We are looking forward to see you there! Xxx SW Team

Display your guest’s wedding meal selection

After your guests have informed you about their meal selection you have no idea how your wait stuff will know which guests have chosen fish and which have opted for vegetarian meal ?! We are suggesting you 5 creative ideas to eliminate stress and don’t mess meal selections.

1. 2 in 1 Escort Card


This wedding stationery can be used as multifunctional- firstly it displays each guest’s name and assigned table while on the other side is written guest’s meal preference. Choose the colour and style of this handy wedding stationery that fits your wedding theme.



2. Colour-Coded Cards

2If you are looking for the simplest way, than colour-coded escort cards are perfect choice for you. Assignee different colours for each type of entrée and mark it on your seating display. This type of escort cards are easy to do, so check DIY websites for inspiration and do some budget saving.






3. Entrée choice stamps and stickers

3 4


This is easy and useful way to signify type of entrée selected by your guests. Simply put a stamp or sticker with corresponding picture on guest’s place card.

4. Napkin rings

5If you have already order your escort cards or you simply don’t like idea of using it to display menu preference, than napkin ring may be an option to consider. Select one of the creative napkin rings and mark the corner with foodie detail. It’s cheap and unique way to assure that every guest will get preferred meal choice.




5. Foodie Symbol Escort Cards


If you would like to add more creativity to your wedding use escort cards with foodie symbol printed on it. This is the easiest way to let your wait stuff know what each of your guests have selected. You can keep same colours or you can opt for multi-coloured symbols for unconventional wedding.


Image Sources: weddingbells.ca; weddingchicks.com

How to choose your wedding shoes?

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

-Marilyn Monroe

We know that it’s not easy to find a perfect pair of shoes to say  ‘I do’, but once you find it, you will fall head over heels in love with it! Shoes can be a real beast if you chose the wrong pair. In order to prevent any possible complication, read the advice bellow.

  • Choose your shoes before your final wedding dress fitting. Your tailor need to know how high your heels are so he or she know how to adjust length of your dress.
  • Make sure that the shoe really fits you. Try them on and spend some time in them in the store, because shoes that feel comfortable at first, may not be after five minutes . If possible, wear them at home and return them if they don’t fit you very well.
  • If you are not used to very high heels choose pair that suits you the best. Remember that  you have to spend whole day in the same pair of shoes, so make sure to check heel height before buying it. Stand up and try to raise yourself on your toes so there’s at least an inch of space under the heels. If you can’t do that, choose pair with lower heels.
  • Practice at least once day for about week before your wedding. Spend 15-30 minutes wearing your shoes at home. Your frets have to get used to the new shoes. Pain is bad sign. If they don’t feet, return it to the store, no matter how much you like it. You have only one pair of foot and shoes can be replaced.


Featured Image Source: colincowieweddings.com

Planning your wedding.

Before reading this post make sure that you have read this one (Just engaged?).

You have been for a while getting inspiration from the biggest blogs and websites, you know your priorities and you have created a budget. Well, what’s next?

We recommend to use an estimated timeline of 12 months for the planning. This will help you through the whole amazing process. Take good note on your wedding notebook!

1 year to 9 months before the wedding:

planning- 1 year 9 monthsImage Source:Pinterest

• Make a preliminary guest list and adjust it to your budget.

• Organize the engagement party.

• Hire a Wedding Planner. Meet her and her team in person and let her help you to smooth the wedding planner process.

• Choose the location and the date. Visit personally the venues you selected, choose your favorite and reserve it. Do it according to your budget and the guests you have on your list. This is pretty important. Depending on the season of the year and the reputation of the venue, they can take reservation up to one year in advance! Make sure you get the day you want by reserving early. Leave the menu open so you can try it later on.

• Reserve the date you wish to get married if you are getting married in a church. In Sweden, if you desire to get married in the same venue, a vigselförrättare can go there and officiate the ceremony. Your Wedding planner will give you more information about this.

9 to 6 months before the wedding:

planning 9-6• Create a website for the wedding with all the details your guests will need.

• Meet the vendors. Photographer, cake, flowers, music, stationery, hair and makeup artists and all the other services you wish to include. Keep their contacts in a file. Note that vendors will demand a certain amount in advance to be able to book their services so you might want to write checks or prepare cash.

• Actualize your budget accordingly the services you want to hire.

• Buy the rings.

• Start looking and purchase the wedding gown, shoes and jewelry.

• Start looking and purchase the groom’s tuxedo.

• Start looking and purchase for bridesmaids dresses.

• Finish the guest list.

• Send the Save the Date.

• Start designing the invitations. Especially if you are counting with a calligrapher!

• Start planning your honeymoon.

6 to 3 months before the wedding:

planning 6-3

• If your guests have to travel abroad send the invitations with 5 months so they have time enough to book tickets and hotel. If the wedding is in your country, you can send the invitations 3 months before the date.

• Book hotel rooms for out of town guests if necessary.

• Meet the Baker and purchase the cake.

• Meet the DJ, band or musicians and select the music.

• Meet the photographer and make sure you provide “must” pictures. We recommend to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in order to get used to the camera and feel comfortable with the photographer. These pictures are extraordinary beautiful in your wedding website!

• Meet the florist and book your wedding day, also, select the flowers for the centrepieces, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and your bouquet.

• Draw a preliminary schedule of your wedding day.

• If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, visit the place, check the menu and book it.

• Start looking and purchase your rehearsal dress.

3 to 2 months before the wedding:

planning 3-2Image source: WeddingChicks

• Taste and choose the final wedding menu and design and print the stationery.

• Meet several make-up and hair artists and try their services before the wedding. Take pictures of yourself to compare and book the one you liked the most.

• Make all the honeymoon payments or get the Visa (if necessary).

• Organize a bachelorette party (if your maid of honor is not already doing it!).

• Finish the wedding day schedule and send it to all vendors.

• Buy favors, sitting cards, candles and other decoration if it’s necessary.

1 month before the wedding:

planning 1-1Image source: Gridskipper Sturebadet- Stockholm

• Confirm your guests and send the number to the venue.

• Practice the ceremony, the first dance and the wedding vows.

• Try your bride outfit with all the jewelry.

• Get a nice tan.

• Book a Spa and beauty treatments for you and relax.

The day is finally here…. Enjoy!

Scarlett Weddings team wish you the best on your wedding day!

Featured image source:  Swoozies

Just engaged?


You are going to plan your wedding and you are not sure how to start. Keep calm. Married women all over the world have gone through it and had the same feelings, and they all triumphed! Here are some tips that can help you to start:

– Throw an engagement party! This is the best moment to do it! Make sure you include people who will be on your wedding list.

– Get inspired. Blogs, bridal websites, Pinterest and Instagram will help you to get the inspiration you may need for your big day. There is a big market full of ideas waiting for you. Sounds overwhelming… But it´s so much fun!

engaged-Style me prettyImage Source: Stylemepretty.com

– Go to Bridal Shows and Wedding Fairs. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of them if you have it. Bridal Shows are perfect to make new contacts and get a full perspective of vendors and prices in your area. Tip: in Stockholm, Bröllopsmässan in Grand Hôtel is our best recommendation! You can check the dates and prices here.

– Choose the theme that suits your personality as a couple. There are so many different styles shabby chic, vintage, rustic, modern, monochrome… You can always include some shades from your personality as a couple in your wedding. You will always remember it and it will make your wedding unique.

– Set priorities. Once you got all inspiration and you are ready to start the real planning, make a priority list of services. Start for those that are essential.

– Create a budget. Be honest with your mate and be realistic. It is pretty easy to desire every single thing the market offers (we know!) but you may want to create an honest budget before signing any contract. It could be the case that your budget does not allow the wedding of your dreams, in that case, you could prepare a saving-plan or postpone the wedding date to avoid visiting your bank.

– Search for help. It is a very common thought among brides to believe that they can do everything by themselves. Wrong idea. Whether you have a good friend that has some experience organizing events or you would rather count with a professional on your big day, our recommendation is: don’t try to do everything alone! And if it is possible, let your beloved ones enjoy every single aspect of the day with you rather than working on your wedding day.

Janet -Scarlett weddings

Image Source: Scarlett Wedding

This simple steps will take you to the next level: planning your wedding – one of the most unforgettable processes in your life!

Featured picture: Jose Villa